Daily Cupcakes: November 6th, 2017

Colorado Avalanche

Senators acquire Matt Duchene in blockbuster trade with Avs and Preds. [CBC]

Hockey’s Top 10 storylines of the week. [TSN]

The Global Series is going to feel like a Hometown showdown for some players. [NHL]

BSN exclusive video: Matt Duchene on leaving the Avalanche after eight years. “The last, almost year, has been tough.” [BSN Denver]



The Rest of the Game

Five things we learned in the NHL: Andrew ‘Iron Man’ Cogliano. [Sportsnet]

One month into NHL’s war on the slash, penalties are way up — and so is scoring. [National Post]

KHL may pull out of Olympics over Russia doping cases, could affect Team Canada. [The Globe and Mail]

Royal Canadian Mint commemorates 100th anniversary of NHL. Unveils rectangular-shaped $25 silver coin featuring hockey players scoring goal. [NHL]

One thought on “Daily Cupcakes: November 6th, 2017

  • November 6, 2017 at 10:25 AM

    “I kind of knew before they told me,” Duchene said. “I saw them talking on the bench. It’s very strange, but I kind of half-expected it to be the weirdest way possible. It’s one of those things — it’s a business and I’ll have good story for people one day.”

    Definitely the weirdest trade I’ve ever seen. And this comes from a fan who watched the Avs lose Foote and Forsberg due to the salary cap, and then watch Foote return to the Avs DURING a game, after he had been traded earlier in the day.

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