The color of Bumps and Bruises may look good on an Avalanche uniform, but this week the Avs took on those colors where it hurts.

As Frank Sinatra once sang:  riding high in April Week 1 shot down in May Week 2.  What a difference a week makes, huh?  A fancy dancy east coast road trip looked like the perfect recipe to kick start the young Avalanche on their way to a surprising season.  Last week they learned that they CAN compete with the other teams in NHL.  This week they learned a lesson in humility.  A proverbial dose of humble pie was served up as we started a run through the Central.

So where is the reality here?  Probably somewhere closer to week 2 than week 1, but not all hope is lost.  We saw some good things this week continue to shine through:  the power play looked much better, the PK too, and the team didn’t quit when things got tough.  There is a lot of down time coming up with the schedule over the next couple of weeks and this will be a good time to lick their wounds, reflect, and learn from their mistakes over the last week.  For a young team putting some bad play on tape and actually having time to digest what you’re watching and work on it in practice can be a great thing.

So, we’ve had a good week, a bad week, and I’m still excited to see what comes next.  One thing we know for sure is that this season will have more twists and turns that a roller coaster, so let’s all sit back and try to enjoy the ride.


  • One win from four…not a good first run through the Central Division.  Drops us to 5th in the Central, 4 points from the top and from points from the bottom.

  • Even strength play turns from positive to negative
  • Injuries are mounting
  • The best thing to happen this week is that it’s over and we have time to regroup
  • Callups are likely and out ME @earl06 unofficially runs down the options

“Forward options – Greer isn’t an option, he hasn’t played a real game so far. Toninato has played one, and well, but got hurt and missed the next 2. Maybe after this weekend but he’s probably not ready for NHL play right now. Bourque was the last F cut in camp so he and Colborne, who has sucked in the AHL, are the primary options right now. Rocco sucks and the staff knows it, he’s not getting called up. Aggz has been good, wouldn’t mind seeing him at all. Girard has been ok and could be a sneaky pick if they want a defensively oriented C for the 4th.

Defense – Wars sucks plus he’s hurt – Meloche isn’t ready at all – Geertsen really isn’t either – Duncan is pretty much it”

  • From the department of trolls I must add that Colin Wilson had a beauty of an assist on the Blake Comeau goal last night


I was going to go into more of a tirade here and then our own at Steph (house) played the Cavani to my Neymar, except he knocked my thoughts right into the back of the net this time.

The bottom line here is that IF we are going to have to suffer through long booth reviews to ensure that they get calls right, and if they are going to be able to communicate with the central office during the review, THEY SHOULD GET THE FUCKING CALL RIGHT!  Either don’t do reviews at all (preferable) or take all the time you need to make the correct decision.

Nice work here, Steph!


Ummmmmmmmmmmmm………..Kerfoot, again, I guess.



EJ Slides

Americanario – Yesterday at 10:11 PM

EJ slides too early, but it works

Steph – Yesterday at 10:12 PM

this large adult is lain out in front of me

i bet i can pass thru his butt

Steph – Yesterday at 10:12 PM

oh nope didnt work wow i cant believe it

Slash Training?


For the ducks to play with the new slashing rules they would need dog battery collars



Anon – Somewhere during ducks game

i wish perry and landeskog would just fuck already and get it over with. this endless flirting gonna get somebody killed

Pining for the Good Old Days

DixomaticLast Tuesday at 10:13 PM

When do the Avs play Boston again???

That B2B Game

StephLast Saturday at 11:07 PM

i can sum this game in one graph


A former favorite Av of mine who never quite panned out was Greg “Darth” Mauldin.  I’m not sure what it was because he was never particularly good (or really even promising) but I always had aspirations of him turning out to be a decent bottom 6 winger for the Avs.

His career in the burgundy and blue never quite panned out, but he has carved out a decent niche for himself playing hockey over in the Swiss National League.  He has been plying his trade for the last 5+ years with HC Fribourg-Gotteron averaging around .65 points per game.

While looking into Mauldin I found out another interesting tidbit that I never knew.  He attended college at UMass.  I hope our current highly touted prospects career ends up better than the last.


Keeping with the Frank Sinatra theme and somewhat topical to the Avs week 2 performance I say….Here’s to the Losers, Bless them All:


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