GWG Challenge Update (Week of 10-9-17)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for taking part in the Burgundy Rainbow GWG Challenge. Paris Burgundy & Blue had a monster week jumping all the way into first place from not even being on the board. There were a lot of new people that got on the board this week as well. This upcoming week we will only have 2 games so be sure to get your votes in! Keep up the good work, and thanks for making this a success!

Top 5

User GWGs Correct Weekly Points Total Points
Paris Burgundy & Blue 2 8 8
Avalanche Pilgrim 1 4 7
Faydout 1 3 6
Jimbodini 1 3 6
Seraquel 0 6 6

We are all still very close, so for those of you without a point still, keep playing. Just one good game and you can jump to the top 5 easily, take a look at what PB&B did this week. Keep those guesses coming! Good luck to you all, and thanks for being such awesome people!

Current Standings


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