Sunday Easy Thread: Podcast Questions Welcome

Happy Sunday sports fans. All 3 teams in the org are off to decent starts so far with the Avs 2nd in the Central, the Rampage tied for 2nd in the Pacific and the Eagles tied for 1st in the Mountain.

– The Avalanche split a b2b with travel, beating the Duck and falling to Dallas last night. If you need to catch up, Rudo has your video recaps (ANA/DAL) and there’s Breaking Down (ANA/DAL) if you like numbers and stuff

– The Rampage also split this weekend with a loss to Bako on Thursday and a comeback victory over San Jose yesterday afternoon. Our good friends from RWtH have recaps for both games (BAK/SJB)

– The Eagles opened their season with a b2b with travel against the Utah Grizzlies, winning both despite only having 8 forwards available.

StephHouse and the Burgundy Radio crew will be creating more podcast magic this evening. If you have questions for the panel please feel free to leave them in the comments below or go ahead and aim them directly @BurgundyRadio


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One thought on “Sunday Easy Thread: Podcast Questions Welcome

  • October 15, 2017 at 1:07 PM

    A question for you gents, given the relative encouraging 4-2 start, have your expectations or benchmarks for a successful season changed?

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