Burgundy and White meetup: Avs win and lose, we drink beer

Our beloved Avalanche met this last Sunday to play the annual Burgundy and White inner team scrimmage at DU’s Magness Arena. This year’s prospect heavy game was a chance for fans to see players in the Avs prospect system that they otherwise would never get the chance to see live.

This years high scoring bout was definitely more entertaining then last year’s snooze fest. It included NHL level play from the likes of JT Compher and Nail Yakupov, as well as some feisty scraps from the likes of AJ Greer, Mason Geertsen, Felix Girard and yes, Semyon Varlamov.

Also equally important, in my opinion, Burgundy Rainbow had it’s first ever in person meetup after the game. Us, Burgundians, made the trek about 1/2 mile south of Magness Arena to meetup at the Pioneer Bar to enjoy delicious Mexican food and libations.  Somebody had the bright idea to get a group photo before we all went our separate ways:

From left to right: Lydia (yeti’s spouse), Vladimir Poutine, Rufus_Leaky, Andi, Mike (Vlad’s friend), rdelecinc, RapierWhitt, Lyss (Andi’s sister), SeaMill, yeti, Maggie (Derek_Sinkro’s spouse), Derek_Sinkro, Steve (yeti’s father-in-law), and Rudo3. (Also pictured, Denver Boone, creepily staring over our shoulders).
Some of our members were even at the meetup in spirit, with their own voka tonic.

I just want to thank everybody personally for coming out to the first meetup and supporting Burgundy Rainbow. We mostly talk to each other through our computer screens, so it is always nice to have face to face interaction every once in a while.

With that, I ask you dear Burgundians, when should our next meetup be? Should it be for the home opener? Or should we meetup when we play a hated rival? Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to our next meetup!


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